Héloïse de Dinechin


After poursuing a very French engeeniring cursus with "classes preparatoires" and Ecole polytechnique, I am finishing a Master in Computer Science at EPFL. For my master thesis, I am curently working at Unity Grenoble on layered materials.


Graphics Research Intern

Unity Grenoble

I am currently doing my master thesis at Unity Grenoble. I work on the rendering of layered materials with lambertian interfaces. Indeed, Unity Grenoble has developed an approximate BSDF model for layered materials (such as in coated paints), in the paper Efficient Rendering of Layered Materials usingan Atomic Decomposition with Statistical Operators by Laurent Belcour. The goal here is to extend the BSDf model to handle Lambertian interfaces in the same framework.

Unity Grenoble website
March 2021
August 2021

Student Research Assistant

Realistic Graphics Lab, EPFL, Switzerland

DUrong my studies at EPFL I worked in Wenzel Jakob's lab. I focused on extending the Specular Manifold Sampling method; this method is used for the rendering of caustics and glints. I worked on two project: firstly, adding Multi Importance Sampling in the framework. Secondly, I studied multi-bounce caustic paths, exploring projection methods for a better convergence.

RGL website
September 2020
March 2021

Computer Graphics Intern

Ouster, San Francisco, USA

Ouster is an American lidar technology company headquartered in San Francisco, California. It builds high-resolution 3D lidar sensors for use in autonomous vehicles, robotics, drones, mapping, defense, and security systems.
I worked on the visualization of lidar's data.

Ouster website
April 2019
July 2019


Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland

Master in Computer Science
Bachelor in engineering and Master in Computer Science

Specializing in Computer Graphics: Rendering, Computational Geometry, Virtual Reality, Computer Vision and Image Processing. Studying also general subjects: Machine Learning, Optimization, Algorithmics

September 2019
August 2021

Ecole polytechnique, Palaiseau, France

Ingénieur polytechnicien
Bachelor in engineering and Master in Computer Science

Studied in the top-ranking university-level school in science and engineering. Specialized in Computer Sciences: Computer Graphics, Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

September 2016
August 2020

Lycée Henri IV, Paris, France

Classes préparatoires

Studied for three years in an intensive program in science to prepare for nationwide competitive exams. Main subjects: Mathematics and Physics.

September 2013
August 2016


Project in Nori, an educationnal Ray-Tracer

Runner-up of the Rendering Competition 2020

During the course given by Wenzel Jakob at EPFL, I Implemented some features in a physically-based renderer. Here is my final rendered image, on the theme “Dreams”. I was selected as a runner-up of the EPFL Rendering Competition 2020.

Project page
May 2020

Projective Dynamics

EPFL 3D computer Graphics course

This project was based on the paper Projective dynamics: Projective dynamics: Fusing constraint projections for fast simulation. The Projective Dynamics framework computes a local optimization, with a trade-off between Momentum and Elastic Energy. Here, the goal was to extend it to add collision.
A deformable sphere mesh was used, surrounded by constraints: the pool table and the other (rigid) balls.Friction is added to make the mesh ball roll, a billiard game scene is then created, then texturing is added to improve the overall appearance of the scene.

December 2019

Expressive modelling

Seminar at Ecole polytechnique

After a seminar on Expressive modeling, I implemented a modeling system for flying machines in JavaScript, using Three.js.
The chosen base machine was the one for the Miyasaki movie Castle in the Sky. It is designed such that the user can draw the two profiles of the top balloon, which is then automatically created. Then the cabin, rudder and wings can then be created by deformation of a polygon, and a tool enable the user to add propellers at any places.
The flying machine is then animated and one prototype was 3D printed.

March 2018